2017 Hong Kong CCMN International STM Movement Team Leader Training Session

[Hong Kong, 18 May 2017]

On 16 May, a group of 18 newly appointed team leaders occupied the training room to get inspired and learn how to lead their mission teams through ice-breaking game, keynote presentation, small group discussion and experience review. This first training session kicked off with the Movement principles and values whereas the leadership roles and aims were also clearly stated.

These young hopefuls are either first-time or second-time team leaders, among whom a church co-worker did not lead teams for 7 years. They were all humbly seated to learn or re-learn things. After all, every training session help them to take a better role of leadership and be fruitful and productive in three mission-related areas.

All team leaders felt relaxed, enjoyable and found the training thought-provoking. The leader of Middle east Team was reminded to develop its own "team spirit" as early as possible. The leader of Kobe Team kept in mind of the rule of "hardship" to resist comfort zones. Many team leaders were inspired to help their teammates aim higher and hit higher. Learnt from the experience of Smart Team Volunteer from Japan, Akane and Hong Kong Smart Team Dorcas, team leaders could draw their courage to show their own weaknesses while gathering strength to deal with conflict in a proper way.

In this year CCMN International Short Term Mission Movement, around 250 participants are formed into 25 mission teams. A quarter of participants are from overseas where Bangladesh and Sri Lanka are the two places to send their representatives for the first time. In this case, team leaders must grab the core values of the Movement to work out the power of one within these diversified teams.

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