2017 STM Member Training Session 2

[Hong Kong, 28 June 2017]

CCMN STM Member Training Session 2 took place on 25 June. It invited Daniel, Smart Team co-worker to present what to be alert in face of the Enemy's attack while Julie, Shepherd Community Church co-worker to share the tactics on spiritual fight.

Daniel reminded participants that they are in battle while they go on missions. Satan comes to steal their sense of unity, team spirit, concentration, respect to leaders and desiring God. As a special army for God, they should stay alert and be close to God, in unity, positive and in harmony with others.

Joshua Li (aged 14), the first-timer of STM, is going to bring along some board games to the RAN city. He stressed that "it is important to teach the young people how to play and then play with one another. It is not a matter of winning or losing. Through the board game, players cooperate and communicate with one another." It appears the board game rules stress on what Daniel's reminder.

Julie vividly described how to fight the spiritual warfare. It is like striking the Enemy to the ground. First, know the purpose (STM) for the fight; second, put on full armor of God; third, declare how mighty warrior God is. With God's victory, participants then go into battles. It is also vital to discern the schemes from the Enemy. Don't let fear or lie distract you.

Jing Yi Chan, Joshua's mother, Macau team leader as well as the first-timer, shared how to fight the spiritual battle in Macau. "The idols are usually renovated into tour attractionss or cutie and fancy stuff." She will play the role to alert, remind and protect her teammates from these tricks.

CCMN STM member training session takes 3 times in a row: two for seminar-like presentation; one for outreaching. It aims at increasing more interaction and understanding among teammates before departure. Starting from this year, the 3 training sessions take place every other week in a row.

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