2017 STM Team Leader Training Session 2

[Hong Kong, 5 June 2017]

On 31 May, the STM Team Leader Training Session 2 put a spotlight on the long-term impact from a short-term mission while Pastor Danny shared the roles of a servant leader by the example of Jesus.

A STM triggers a long-term effect. It was told a group of Japanese set out to Bangladesh for a STM in 2016. A local cell group was spurred and 5 more new groups were planted after the STM with the help of local missionaries. The host pastor joined the Global Summit and later related 26 local churches to form their own Coaching network (Coachnet) there.

By chance, Ruth Chan, a well-experienced pastor of Ling Fai Lutheran Church and a coachee in HK Coaching Network, took part in this year STM. Intending to go to Amazing City of RAN at first, she was willing to take up the vacant role of Bangladesh team leader as requested by CCMN. As obedient as she always be to God, she is now leading a team to serve the newly founded Bangladesh Coaching Network!

A good reminder was given to STM team leaders. A servant leader himself, Pastor Danny from Shepherd Community Church, is joining India Team this year. He quoted John 13 and paraphrased the incident of Jesus washing His disciples' feet. Jesus did the same for all His disciples without judging them the faithful ones or the betrayer. Jesus himself set a role model of servant leader who gave humble service to others and sacrificed for others.

As a third-time STM team leader, Bill Yu (leading one of the Southern Thailand Teams this year) reflected, "this is what the full extent of love really means. We care out of love; we serve out of love. Knowing that Judas, the betrayer, was evil, Jesus loved him, treated him well and gave him chance all the same. It will be such a challenge to me to share the same kind of love towards my teammates and the local in the field."

CCMN STM Team Leader Training Sessions, in fact, have taken place in several places other than Hong Kong, such as Taiwan and Shenzhen within these few weeks. Training sessions are intended to strengthen the STM visions and values shared among participants both team leaders and teammates. By doing so, the power of one can be acted upon the Great Commission.

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