2017 STM Team Leader Training Session 3

[Hong Kong, 30 June 2017]

The STM Team Leader Training Session 3 ended in high spirit on 28 June, full of practical tips and advice which held on to the biblical truth of "the unbreakable three-stranded rope". As "Servants for the Kingdom", leaders were brought to see a wider perspective to serve.

Smart Team Co-worker Kathy cited Ecclesiastes 4:12 to inspire the team leaders to build up a highly communicative core team where associate team leaders and sub-team leaders are willing to help, taking up the absent roles and maintaining good team spirit. Like an unbreakable rope mentioned in the bible, the team is formed by faithful followers (i.e. three strands) who are supportive to their leader.

Wesley Li, sub-team leader of Bangladesh, reflected that there is no longer badmouthing others when sub-team leaders are to report any issues to the team leader if the team shares the same understanding that honest confrontation and private reminder are appropriate ways in communication.

Chun Oi Kwan, team leader of Jordan, encouraged setting up a worship and asking teammates to listen to God's voice for others by prayers in face of the challenge of low team spirit.

Kary Wong, team leader of Kuching introduced a game of "Secret Angels" during the mission to encourage more interactions among one another and to connect the whole team by a random shuffle of picking up names to be watched over and cared daily.

In the training, a testimony was told about Pakistani family churches raising funds for the relief of Japan Tsunami in 2011. It set a good example of how to embrace the value of the Kingdom. More than what it is known, "one body one church", now "one kingdom" is also stressed. If togetherness glories God, it is worth noticing the equation for success: "Other nation's success also means to be our success." STM Team Leader Training each year covers some key areas to draw leaders' attention while they are encouraged to read through useful topics and devotionals in the STM Handbook written and compiled by experienced pastors or team leaders as handy info tank during the mission trip.

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