2018 CCMN International STM Movement Sending Ceremony

You have a Part in Continuing this Movement

[Hong Kong, 17 July, 2018] The Sending Ceremony of 2018 CCMN International STM Movement took place on 15 July with the theme of “You have a part in continuing this movement”. The hall was crowded with more than a thousand people including STM members, guests, supporters and church pastors or coworkers. There were 292 participants from 93 churches of 8 nations to make up 30 teams reaching out to the world. Kathy openly invited pastors on the floor to go on STM as it was a way to bless the next generation while STM was not just for personal growth, but for laying a foundation for other to be built upon.

Pastoral Impact Ruth, the senior pastor from Ling Fai Lutheran Church, taking her leaves and self-funding for the trip, started to go for STM since 2011. Her congregation followed suit from then on, e.g. 17 people went for STM at a time with toddler and elderly. The mission fire at her church was ignited. “I set an example for my church members and coworkers. It’s a good encouragement.” Ruth convinced her leadership team to put off the general meeting and attend the sending ceremony to cheer for their church members in STM. She believes if you have not involved in STM before, you have no way to know every detail that you can offer support for the missions or the role you have to carry through.

Value from the Network Joy, the senior pastor from GLCMC (迦密常光堂) has been active in the network and the movement for 10 years. She was paired up with Paul Ma, a well-experienced pastor in church planting when she joined the Coaching Network. She learnt and benefited a lot from this coach to coachee relationship. Even her marriage other than the pastoral tactics were also taken good care of. She was attracted by the spirit of “contributing to one another” since it was a realization of body of Christ. For so small a church it is, Joy is going to send out the third missionary to a mission field. “Within the network, there are too many wonderful testimonies to amplify my faith to God. So, by faith, I trust God will provide,” said Joy. After all, assistance from one another within the network strikes the chord for the missions.

Being the Movement Connector A pastor of Los Angeles, Esther’s 14-year prayers paved the way to the formation of US Smart Team. Her yearly involvement in STM since 1997 and her heart of fostering youngsters for mission dreams connected her pastoral son, Johnny, to HK Smart Team. In 2010, US Smart Team was set up. It humbly started with helping for translation such as making the theme songs into English. This year, Johnny connected the churches in the East and West Coast of US with the ones in Eastern and Western Canada into forming a North American Network. In May, they resumed the North American Summit (the first time in 20 years) and its vision is to “connect to various churches to equip every believer to access the Kingdom of God and to set the people free physically, emotionally and spiritually”. Representatives from the network of Hong Kong, Japan, Taiwan and Brazil also came to join the summit as a support to showcase how powerful it was to be walking together for the advance of God’s Kingdom.

CCMN is a network of churches for the advance of God’s Kingdom and doing missions. Since 1990s, CCMN has been holding Short Term Mission yearly. The history of CCMN is briefly divided into 3 phases. CCMN1.0 - it encourages churches to initiate and take part in its own missions. CCMN2.0 – it promotes the “church-based” mission where it is the basic function of every church and ordinary people are allowed to go for missions. Besides, the concept of “Your church is my church” is to suppress the loneliness of pastors. CCMN3.0 – it comes to a time that blessings should be extended, building others upon the existing ground while motivating the movement at all cost.

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