2019 Browse for Missions

[28th Aug, Hong Kong]

It is a unique marketplace where STM teams get ready for their own testimonies and collection of goods from the mission fields every year.

On 25 August, a school hall was turned into a marketplace. A wide array of fragrance, snacks, drinks, souvenirs, trinkets, carpets and postcards were presented under the vault of the local marketplace where it was likened to be the grand bazaar of the United City, which was pictured by the sketch hanging at the booth.

Joe, a visitor, showed us what she got in her shopping bag after a cultural walk. A perfumed soap from Baguette City, Indian Masala packets, Bak Kut Teh premix and Laksa noodles from Kuching, a bottle of hair loss shampoo from Bangladesh, a set of charitable postcards from Egg City as well as a piece of eyeglasses cloth from Iwate.

Gigi, leader of Team Iwate explained the origin of the print of this cloth. Gigi’s team met up with a high school girl from Taiwan who has been staying in Iwate for a 3-month trip. The girl lent her painting talent to the field workers there. To pay her a compliment, the cloth was printed with her scenic work of Iwate in bulk for sale.

A keychain held a personalized experience of STM as well. A group of parents from Team Southern Thailand styled their snapshots into watercolor images as key tags. Tagged with “Knocking Every Doors”, the keychain showed a little boy delivering mosquito coils in a village. He knocked and an elderly opened door. Gospel of love was shown through the door. The brilliantly painted tea cups and plates with intricate patterns and coloring from Cat City appeared to be an art display in the hall. Heidy from the team gave us a brief background about this city where religious control stretched to the aspect of artistic expressions. No matter how talented the women there, they could not dance and sing publicly.

Apart from the classic and traditional goods, the electrical vintage-look ice crusher, a gift to Team Shikoku from a Japanese friend, made delicious smoothies chilled with love while the small claw machine and Shrink Charms-making workshop drew the attention of children most.

About Marketplace for Missions

Marketplace for Missions started in 2016. It is the fourth time ever since its launch as a way to show how missions can be a lifestyle. Every STM teams are assigned to design what to present, by products and their stories, in their mission booth in the marketplace after their return. All proceeds from the sale go forward to support the respective mission fields. This year, 25 booths were set up and an encouraging wall was stood up for more feedbacks.

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