A Party of Gaiety with Missions

It was a night full of laughter and cultural diversity. Five hosts popped out in powerful costumes forming up superheroes’ coalition in the world, where it generally stresses “NO BIG SHOT” and “HAVE FUN AND SERVICE” at STM. They made a foray onstage with their overpowering sense of unity and jointed forces.

Over the waves of applause, the hosts engaged all participants into two simple games to remove all the gaps among the participants, old and young. Members of STM would be their only identities since then.

Next came the spectacular culture show from different places. There was a folk song singing in duos from the faraway land of RAN. The only festive voice brought up from Mindanao was echoed by clapping on beats from the audience who did not wish to leave the performer singing alone.

The passionate Indian dancer prancing through the floor did not only stun everyone, but also inspire other to use their life to live out missions. By a dancing studio, he did it. As long as delicacies concerned, the most heartfelt “Mun Kawum”, colored by turmeric with a taste of cardamom, homemade by a Sri Lankan mother whose son brought along with him to share around on the spot. These handfuls of green bean sweet showed how easy and humble to be a kingdom servant whose blessings spread out to the unreached.

24 overseas participants from 8 different places took their pre-trip training in Hong Kong before joining their local STM teammates. In the evening on the first day intensive drilling, several Smart Team foreign and local volunteers organized the International Party to welcome those participants. Featuring games, performances and food, it removes their boundaries and help them walk closely together in STM.

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