CCMN Hong Kong Summit 2018 – First Day Brief

Updated: Oct 25, 2019

First Day Brief

On 6 to 8 November, CCMN presented a 3-day Hong Kong Summit with a theme of Ordinary Churches X Ordinary People = Extraordinary Church Movement in Hong Kong for the very first time. 187 participants from 46 churches of Hong Kong, Macao, Mainland China, Japan, India, Pakistan and the Middle East took part in the Summit where it was crowded with representatives of sending churches, pastors, co-workers, missionaries and mission supporters. Together they made progress of CCMN with their stories, responses and reports.

New Glimpse

At the Summit, a few Taiwan pastors testified how CCMN inspired them in respect of personal growth, family, ministry missional strategy, or even worship song writing. Since they adapted the strategy of church-based mission, more long-termers and short-termers arose in their churches while Smart Team and Ministry Training Colleges were set up in 4 areas of Taiwan to be the backup of the growing missional army to come. Moreover, they were keen on writing their own worship songs embedded with DNA of their churches to mobilize the congregations. By walking alongside lonely pastors, they formed up to the 5th generations of coach-coachee relationship among their network.

New Blood The former missionary of India, Danny has started a cross-cultural and cross-country mentor-disciple relationship with Raj who was just a teen at Danny’s home-stay program in the old days. The caring love fostered a passionate heart of this young man who are now serving the untouchable Dalit under Indian castes. It is a way to show how to add new blood in the movement by means of discipleship.

New Horizon

Kam, a 9-year long termer in Iwate, Japan stated that Japan is no longer the hard soil as it used to be. More local and overseas short-term trips have been held ever since CCMN had a positive influence on JCMN starting with a good relationship at the very beginning. Recently Japan pastors have also started to walk side by side with Sri Lankan pastors, bringing out the best of One Body One Church attitude in a broader sense. Depending on God’s guidance, CCMN has been running to the edge of the frontier for missions. The mission fields have been extended to the chaotic regions in the Middle East as a way to connect and bless other races of other countries; after all it is the teaching of Christ.

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