CCMN International STM Movement 2019_3rd Leader Training

We had the last leader training last Wednesday (7/3). This time, all leaders, vice leaders and small group leaders gathered together to be trained.

In the beginning, Kathy from Smart Team reminded the roles of the leaders once again, which is to enhance the relationship between the teammates and missionaries, the teammates and Smart Team, as well as the teammates themselves. Leaders need to be a role model since the attitude of the teammates is directly affected by the team leader.

She also mentioned the importance of the core in the team. The core can help the leader to keep eye on each teammates, including the leader. The leader need to be cheered up as well.

Last but not least, Kathy encouraged all the leaders that it is normal to be nervous. Some leaders who have been leading a team several times said that they were still being nervous. Kathy added that being nervous means the leaders care for the team.

Right before the training ended, there was some time for leaders to share how they would deal with the conflicts in the team, especially about the things happening in Hong Kong recently. The sharing of Tsao and Milk reminded everyone conflicts always happen and the most important thing to do is to keep the unity of the team.

Today would be the last pre-trip training. Each team will have outreach and do the serving. Please keep praying for us.

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