Dance for International Party

It was a unity that the dancing scene generated in the International Party, organized solely by Smart Team three international volunteers in two months’ time. There were 9 cultures that formed the background of the STM teammates. However, by rhythms and body movements, by games and food, they facilitated the cultural exchange, interaction and appreciation among local and oversea participants.

The collective dances in the party moved bodies to show where they came from and the short videos decoded the implicit cultural symbols while the fine food melted away the cultural difference. Holding a party is the fastest way to break the cultural barriers for better understanding among STM participants. With mutual help, it generated togetherness towards STM.

At the end of the party, participants of whatever countries stuck together for their first meet up. Amazing City, consists of 5 members, made use of the gathering to reveal their choice of place. Members share the same topic and echoed with one another. They even asked God’s healing towards one of the members.

Every year there is an International Party organized and coordinated by Smart Team international volunteers. It aims at getting local or oversea teammates closer to God as well as creating the sense of unity for a harmonious atmosphere.

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