God’s Will in 250+ Pieces

The Opening Ceremony of CCMN STM Movement was held on 14 July featuring “One Body One Church One Kingdom”. It highlighted the collaboration of kingdom servants who trust each other and work out the will of God who has a big picture in His mind. More than 250 participants plus volunteers got inspired by the Jigsaw Puzzle Game and witnessed how far the body of Christ can go. This is the spirit that STM teams should carry if they want to be a blessing to mission fields.

In the game, sitting in the chair fearing of fall down while picking up puzzles, Akane from Bangladesh team had a moment of doubt. She conquered her own struggle and decided to trust her teammates and obey. It all went well in the end. After all, it is the trust that causes the unity.

Talented in language, Lydia from Bangladesh team, has been the active interpreter for her team. She learnt that “our talents are not for our own comfort, but for serving others.” It comes from a servant’s heart before we really respect and contribute to the field. During one of the de-briefing time, Lydia’s other teammates helped her out to do interpretation. She found that she was never alone.

US Smart Team member, Jonathan, was the first-timer for STM training. He commented on the game, “I didn't realize it was such a big network. All the people were just broken down into small groups to complete. In the end, all are coming together. I feel that the world can be joined together.” When we see from a wider perspective, everyone holds a significant piece of the jigsaw. Every piece is crucial in the eyes of God. To accomplish the whole task of God, we hold the key and have to do it together.

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