​On 8 to 11 November, CCMN presented a 4-day Global Summit themed with Sticking Together in a World of Turmoil in Kuching, East Malaysia. A mission platform was newly formed in Kuching, where many local churches and the indigenous have been empowered to contribute in the missions movement.

Good Chance Emerging “Situation changes every day. Don’t think, just start doing it,” said Pastor Nour from the Middle East, who shared about his thought on the ministry of refugees in his place in the Summit. Another CCMN long-time fellow, Sam Scaggs, admitted that the challenge we are facing is like a giant warrior, Goliath, in the bible. “Since he’s so big, how can we miss it?” Sam spoke out the profound truth in an amusing way. When it came to Pastor Ben Wong, the presenter, he encouraged audience that “the world is in turmoil like never before! But a few things come out. It’s time to harvest. It’s time to be the light. It’s time for the fearless to act.”

Power of Together The most powerful weapon against the devil for Christ’s church is being one which means advancing together. It is Jesus’ prayer for his disciples as well as a strategy and strength of God. Hence, CCMN Coaching Network of Japan, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Malaysia, Brazil and Sri Lanka respectively showed the audience how to walk side by side with struggling pastors and how to generate greater force of church-based missions by coaching. It was reported that in the coming year the first missionary from Sri Lanka is being sent. Besides, Bangladesh Coaching Network has been set up during the Summit. Pastor Ben Wong is scheduled to offer three-time training to the pastor coaches in Bangladesh next year.

Sharing out Expertise One Body One Church is not just a slogan. Experience, knowledge, wisdom, lessons, prayer requests could also be passed around among the 18 workshops for two-day afternoon sessions in the Summit. Workshops offered Biblical Creation, Emotional Healing, Generational Transfer, Do Cells for Non-believers, CCMN Mission Fields Briefing, Refugee Ministries in the Middle East, Biblical Networking, Finding IKIGAI or Sustainable Multiplication and more. Participants sat in workshops and equipped themselves to move the missions movement onwards.

Global Summit which is organized by Cell Church Missions Network (CCMN) is a Missions Summit. It used to be held every two years. From now on, it holds every 4 years. CCMN is a church network which is convinced that the Great Commission is given to the church. It has been working hard to drive the church-based missions onwards in the past 20 years. It is concerned about the unreachable and the marginalized. This year there was about 500 participants from 27 countries and regions gathering around at this particular moment for making a greater impact.

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