The Opening Ceremony of 2018 Short Term Mission Movement

[13 July 2018, Hong Kong] Are we sleeping through other people’s pain with our silence? Aren’t we One Body One Church One Nation? It should be not a slogan only. The cruel fact is that our being indifferent to others somewhat contributes to the enraged, desperate and sorrowful faces on the children pointing fingers to the world. The three overwhelming video clips drew the attention of participants at the kick-off of the Short Term Mission Movement 2018.

On a slide show in the ceremony, some quotes from three pastors of Hong Kong Shepherd Community Church were used. When reading between lines, you may find them sharing the same heart of Jesus’ teaching in the bible – love one another. Ben does not want to see any pastors walking alone. Tony does not give up Malaysian Coachnet since they do not give in. Amy suffering from cancer relapses longs for a trip to be with Taiwan Coachnet. It is what it means to say, “Your church is Ours; Our church is Yours.”

Occupying more than 292 seats in the hall, this year STM participants were from 93 churches of 8 nations. There were also seating several missionaries or local leaders from the mission fields, who will host the STM teams in their own places. For a better understanding of the STM pre-trip training, CCMN made a new attempt to invite the hosts to join the training as well, so that ideas and values can be shared with many others in this way.

After the training, the hosts will go back to their places with the STM teams and start off another journey. “It’s a golden chance. We don’t usually have this kind of comprehensive training. I used to host STM teams by my knowledge, but now I know how to do it. I can train the younger generations by these values and principles,” said Heidi, leader of Radical City. Potato, leader of Simple City, have brought along him with his disciple to this training as well. “I want Joshua to look at things from a wider perspective. Not only care for his own town, but other cities; not only Fire City Group, but also other countries. Then he will have a bigger heart.” After all, in order to continue “One” church movement, everyone should have a part in it.

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