CCMN International STM Movement  

Objective of CCMN STM
To hold the Great Commission together with different churches, and to be responsible for mission
To strengthen the network between churches through co-working
To build up participant’s heart for evangelism and caring the others
To broaden participant’s horizons to see the wideness of God’s kingdom, and eventually get them involved in long term mission
Basic Requirement for CCMN Applicants

Applicants for the STM movement should be in good spiritual life, teamwork, physical health and financial situation. They need to submit pastoral recommendation letter and to be under supervision by a pastor who are able to keep communicating with CCMN and team leaders before, during and after STM. The follow-up responsibility is on the recommending pastor, who must be from the same church as the applicant. Besides, applicant should have a stable church life and must attend all trainings and STM gatherings.


The STM fee stated in the brochure includes all the expenses for training camp, a return ticket from Hong Kong to the mission field, airport taxes, transportation and accommodation at the field, administration fee and travel insurance between HK and the STM destination. Price of flight ticket may fluctuate due to the changing airport taxes and fuel surcharge, causing changes in STM fee.

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