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About CCMN

What is CCMN?

CCMN stands for "Cell Church Missions Network".

The main purpose of CCMN, and the whole reason it exists, is to facilitate relationships between churches who want to network to do missions.

The defining drive of these churches is that they have a heart for missions, which is even more important than being a cell church or not.

CCMN is not an organization, but is made up of different people contributing themselves from a network of many churches.

We accidentally started the network in 1998 without meaning to start a network. It was supposed to be a one-off thing – connecting the churches that we knew to see what God would do through this connection. Well, God’s ways are far greater than our ways and His thought much higher than ours!
Now it is becoming more obvious that this network has some uniqueness. These are some of my thoughts:


  • We are a Quiet Network.

    We have not been making a point of letting ourselves known or making a lot of noise wherever we go. Even the Global Summit we go ahead every time quietly and people find out about us because of relationships. We are not interested in big numbers, but we want to connect the right people who have a passion to obey what God wants to say to the church.


  • We are a “do it” network. 

    Step by step, person by person, church by church, we are more interested in doing the work than having great slogans or wonderful words. At the end of the day, we want to see the will of God done. We want to see the unreached reached. We want to see the marginalised touched by the love of God. We want to see churches changed.


  • We are a “church-based” network. 
    We believe in the church. We believe that God wants to use the church. We want to see the church becoming obedient to do the will of God in this world. We believe that the church can become the agent of God to touch this world. We believe the church can become mission send church. We believe the church can become the answer to the world’s problems. We are not against the many Christian organisations and agencies, but we want to see the church at the cutting edge of our times.


  • We are an “ordinary church” network.

    More and more we are seeing that we are a network of ordinary churches with ordinary pastors. Not many of the churches that are networking together with us are super or mega. In fact, we are growing in our conviction that the key are the ordinary pastors and the ordinary churches. They are the majority of the Christian world. They are the ones that need to be empowered and revitalized to be the major force to accomplish what God wants for this time. Ordinary church can do the will of God. Ordinary church can be influential. Ordinary churches can be on the cutting edge. Ordinary pastors can be world pastors. Ordinary pastors can rise up and take their place in the world. Ordinary church can believe God to do far more than they can dream and imagine.

  • We are an “ordinary people” network.

    ​Jesus’ disciples were just ordinary people. The world is looking for outstanding and top people. We are a movement of ordinary people – people who may not even be looked at as people who can do anything for God. Simple, not so smart, maybe not successful, “least of these” people make up the majority of our network. Of course we are not saying that you are not smart, but most of us are not the really smart ones. But we are committed. 


  • We are a “faithful to the end” network. 

    Many of us have known one another for a long time and we keep on relating and associating and connecting and partner together. Many of us are very different and we have our own characters and peculiarities, but we decide to be together to the end. We may offend one another, but we look at the good rather than the bad – we look at what we have in common rather than what we do not have common. We are people who can be honest with one another. In this circle, you can say what is in your heart and not having to try not to offend. We want to walk together to the end network.


  • We are a “walking together” network.

    We believe in walking together. We believe in team work. We want to walk together even though it is easier to walk alone. We can walk alone, but we chose to walk together. I am a Chinese and Chinese people are not good walking together. We are good as individuals but we are not good as teams. But regardless whether we are naturally like this or have to learn the hard lesson – we will walk together. This is what we stand for.


  • We are an international network. 

    It is easier to be “homogeneous” – all of the same kind – same language, same culture, we eat the same food, we like the same things. But we decide that we will be an international network. We have international teams. We will overcome the cultural barriers. We will overcome the difficulties of languages. We will learn to love one another. We will fight but we will hang in there together.


  • We are an “unreached people” and “marginal (neglected) people” network. 

    We want to be where the need is. We are not afraid to take risks by going to some place and associating with some people. We want to be a “cutting edge” network. We are not afraid of the hard places and we are not afraid of the difficult people. It may be hard and it may take longer, but we want to do what is needed to do. We see hardship and suffering as part and parcel of our calling to follow Jesus and a normal part of the Normal Christian Life. Sacrifice is the calling of “taking up the cross” that Jesus gave us.


  • We are a “trusting God” network. 

    We do not talk about money or look at what we have. We are a dreaming network. Our network started off as a “dreaming and praying” network. We dare to dream because we dare to trust in God alone. Trusting in God is action for us – moving out even though we do not see the possibilities from a human perspective. We send people even when we do not have money. We go even though we do not know where the support will come from. We say “yes” even though we do not know how it will work out. Trusting God is not just having prayer meetings or worship sessions – trusting God is action – it is going ahead when the situation says it cannot be done – it is being obedient to God even when it seems crazy to do so or be considered stupid by others.


  • We are a “one body, one church” network. 

    Your church is my church and my church is your church. We believe that there is only one church. “That they may be ONE” is the prayer of Jesus. This is not a slogan. This is not a “good word”. This is not a good idea. This is the character of God – this is who He is. This is the image that He created us with. This is the purpose of our salvation. This is the witness of His church to this broken world. This must become a reality in the church of Jesus Christ. WE WILL BE ONE. This is action. This is what we must do.

The above are just some things that we have come to realise as we look back at how God has been moulding and using us. We did not set out to be this way but we now know that this is our calling as a network. There is no order – these are just some things we have come to realised.
We are so thankful to God for what He has done.

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