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Introduction of CCMN

Short term mission

History of CCMN STM

Since 1995, during the summer period of July and August, CCMN has been sending different STM teams to win the lost soul for Jesus Christ around the world. In the beginning, only 10 to 20 people from one or two churches joined the STM.  Nowadays, several hundred people from 60 to 70 churches would join the STM every summer. People are not only from Hong Kong but also from overseas. They take a trip to Hong Kong for training and then depart with other teams.

Our mission fields are mainly in unreached areas of Asia, but we indeed visited Europe or even Africa in the past! Our past mission fields include:Vietnam, Thailand, England, Kenya, Myanmar, Japan, Macau, Laos, Indonesia, Cambodia, Bangladesh, Nepal, Uganda, the Philippines, India, Malaysia and some restricted areas. 

Purpose for CCMN STM

  • To get hold of the Great Commission and take up missions with various churches

  • To preach or plant cell groups in unreached cities; to foster the growth of newly founded or transitioned cell churches

  • To strengthen the network among cell churches around the world by teamwork

  • To assist cell churches in motivating pastors or church members to take up missions for the unreachable and the unreached areas

  • To drill our brothers and sisters on preaching and compassion

  • To drill our brothers and sisters on bearing hardships and loving others through community service and ministry of mercy

  • To open the eyes of brothers and sisters for God’s nation and stimulate them to take up Holy work or commit themselves to missions

​​CCMN STM Special Features

“Strive to Unite. Strive to Love. Strive to Live it out. Strive to Pioneer. Strive to Move forward. Strive to Send.”​

  • Over the years, CCMN insists on organizing cross-church, cross-denomination, cross-culture, and cross-region Short Term Mission. On average, 50-100 churches each year join STM and each team consists of members from all corners of the world. Team dynamic is very amazing and united! As we believe in “One body one church”, therefore we strive to unite!

  • CCMN values everyone’s growth during STM. Every STM team work closely together, not only because we want everyone to “enjoy their STM trip”; but also we want everyone to experience “never let off and never give up”, “commit to each other” and hence experience breakthrough and growth in life, to truly live out the spirit of “bring out the best in people”. As we believe that life affects life, therefore we strive to love!

  • CCMN strongly encourage STM’s members to continue their growth and breakthrough after they experienced growth and breakthrough in the fields. Completion of STM is not the end! Therefore, pastors and cell leaders, your timely follow up with STM members is very crucial. As we believe what happen after STM is more important than what happen during STM, therefore, we strive to live it out!


  • CCMN STM’s core value is to serve and cooperate with the local missionaries with their long term ministries; therefore it’s not about what you want to do. STM members need to have a high degree of flexibility to serve the needs in the fields, and places we go are filled with unreached and we are there to serve the unreached. As we believe the importance in serving the forefront, therefore we strive to pioneer, to walk in the front!

  • CCMN continuously emphasizes that mission is a movement during pre-STM training, and reunion after STM. STM members can still contribute to mission work, deliver the message of mission, and dream for the mission fields after their mission trips. As we believe STM is not an activity but a movement, therefore we strive to move forward!

  • How, then, can they call on the one they have not believed in? And how can they believe in the one of whom they have not heard? And how can they hear without someone preaching to them? And how can one preach to them without someone being sent to them? CCMN is a network of different churches that come together in order to complete the great commission. We attach great importance to the participation of churches and sending out from churches. As we believe mission movement should be church-based, therefore, we strive to send out workers to the fields.

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