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About OUR team

International Smart Team
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Smart Team (H.K.)​

CCMN & HKCCN: The core team behind it all
Smart Team is “the team that promotes the mission movement to be founded on the local church, a team that strengthens the local network growth.”  The Smart Team is the core team behind the mission movement – passionate towards mission, willingly and joyfully serving the mission and network.

In the network, Smart Team plays a role that acts as a mission movement and networking catalyst, facilitator, connector and backup support role. 

Smart Team Ministry Goals:

  • Promote mission and network growth, share and produce any mission & church related material and resources.

  • Support mission field, local churches in the network, and sending church needs. 

  • Prepare any needs of the network: local events, large international meetings, discussions, seminars, training, Global Summit, Mission Conference, Short-term Mission movement, Coaching Network, helping other nations run seminars, etc.

  • Contacting and connecting local churches with the international network; and to share and spread mission and church resources.

Smart Team plays the role of catalyst, facilitator, linker and backup team for CCMN in Hong Kong. 
Although the work load of the Smart Team is shocking, we know clearly that the Smart Team needs to do a good job as networkers and as a team who provides a platform for others. Smart Team cannot be just another organization that does all the mission work alone: we don't want to end up just creating professionals or specialists who respond to missions, or only do mission-related tasks. Otherwise, CCMN will become an organization and reach to its bottleneck. We want to apply and practice the principle of “facilitating church-based mission movement and expanding the local network” and mobilize suitable people, instead of ourselves or Smart Team alone, to act on it. Mission is the responsibility for all churches and all Christians, and we exist to facilitate and fulfill this vision and to respond to any practical need when the network is developing. 

CCMN is not an organization, but is made up of different people contributing themselves from a network of many churches.
Different churches form the network, but CCMN does not give salary to Smart Team. Every member of the Smart Team is commissioned by their church and is financially supported by the sending church or some churches in the network. For more than 5 years, we used to be formed by members from one single church, but now, more churches caught the vision and share the spirit of “One body One church”! Smart Team (HK) has 8 members from 6 churches in the network at 2012! Praise the Lord!
However, because every single church’s financial ability is different, some churches support people spiritually 100% but cannot support people financially.  But every member that joins the Smart Team lives and serves by faith in God first – this is something that deserves admiration!  One of the mottos of CCMN & HKCCN is “We are Kingdom Servants”.  We hold the value of serving God’s Kingdom to complete the promoting of mission and networking among churches.  The majority of the seminar trainings are all conducted by a “free-will love offering” method, because we hope that churches who are financially struggling would not be discouraged in joining the network.  All the offering that’s received by CCMN are all used entirely based on the supporter’s desire – whether it’s responding to a certain countries’ disaster relief or certain mission fields – we do not withdraw any funds for administration fees. We are living out “One body, One Church, your church is my church, and my church is your church.”

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