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The update of Cambodia Team

Updated: May 28, 2020

Cambodia has issued an emergency order, restricting inter-provisional population migrations starting from 10th April. Upon the commencement of the restriction, there are many citizens rushing out of Phnom Penh.

Although the city has been locked down, it has been clearly undisturbed yet deserted. We went out to distributed surgical masks on 10/4 as usual and there are 120 in total. Even if the sewing process is tiring, we could see the smiley face of our neighbours and feel that we were getting closer to them. We were feeling joyful and thankful.

Thank you for all your care, but please do not feel too worried. During this time, we are indeed feeling scared and panic. We have been stocking up food and even thought of going back to hometown or rural area of the country, etc.. But thank you God! We have finally decided to stay to confront the holding back of epidemic by the Cambodian government. We pray for each other to show support. In the prayer, God has also reminded our leaders how should they lead the team to have greater faith in God; to protect themselves; and make the full use of the epidemic. This is as what our pastor 巧玲姊 reminds us of not being wasteful. We have started from mid-March that we are taking turn every 21 days to pray and fast and to sew surgical masks for our relationship network and the poor. It is true that we are also in a careful situation that we will sew surgical masks for three days and we will visit to give away masks and have 1-on-3 or 4 small class Chinese lesson continuously for the other three days. Starting from this week, it is also the Cambodian Chinese New Year. We are having holiday and taking a break. Thank you for your prayers and care.



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