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regional Summit

From 1997 – 2004, the global summit was held once a year. However, starting from 2004, it is held once per 2 years now. The purpose of this change is to strengthen the local & regional network. One of the ways to do it is to have a regional summit in between 2 global summits. 

The regional summits are mainly for the people in those regions or nations to participate and strengthen each other’s relationship and network. If you are not in those regions or nations, but you are interested in joining them, you may contact CCMN for any enquires.



[Hong Kong, 13 Nov] The First Hong Kong Mission Summit by CCMN was completed on 8 Nov. During the 3-day summit, attendees listened to many encouraging and thought-provoking stories of ordinary people and ordinary churches doing missions at day sessions, workshops and open night sessions. It also brought attendees to realize that everyone belongs to part of the Christ-driven Mission Movement which takes priority than personal call, individual ministry or even church development. It generated the concept of CCMN 3.0, “Movement as Hub”. 

Pastor Paul Ma started the Summit by presenting an enlightening scripture, 1 Peter 2:9, to remind attendees that they were the chosen common people to proclaim the acts of God.

Ordinary People Engage in Missions
Kwan, the Macao Missionary, came from single family and used to be weak at self-discipline and academic results. But his obedience to God’s call brought a new light to the gospel work in Macao with his persistence. After all, God choose the foolish idea to bring out great things. As Pastor Danny of Shepherd Community Church remarked, “when a guy has given chances, role models and trust, he can find a value in his life that worths clinging to.”

Ordinary Church Send Out Missionary
GLCMC(迦密常光堂) is a small church built on a community work in Hong Kong with about 50 members, mainly women and youth from low-income families. However, God used common people and answered the prayer of the church’s mission statement, “and ask him to recruit more workers for his harvest fields”.  5 young people got the missional calls and have been sent out one by one, first to Cambodia, then North Africa. The third missionary is now ready to go. And still the church lacks nothing.

Ordinary Missionary Pave Way for Others
Ex-missionary of India, Danny, used to disciple teenagers while living with them in India. Several young people, including Raj, liked dancing. He tried his best to set up a studio for them and made their dream come true. It became a place to serve God and gathered new friends. From one generation to another generation, Raj has been faithful in making disciples. Now Raj is serving the Dalit, the lower caste in India, and equipping them via Ministry Training College to serve the church. Raj was happy to say, “Many people have a difficult life like me, but God changed me and I want people to have chances to change.”

Boldness at the Frontiers
Pakistani missionary upholds the belief that God calls her to “make a light for the nations”. So, no matter what kind of community work is developed as a platform, she is to raise up local disciples who remain faithful in face of persecutions, suffering and death while setting free of the bonded slaves. Besides, 3 pastoral leaders from one of the chaotic corners in the Middle East have left their safety behind and been taking care of the displaced people by the project of Grain of Wheat, spreading hope and peace to the needy.

CCMN’s Concept of Missions
From CCMN 1.0 to CCMN 3.0, it signified a better understanding of CCMN over the Christ’s driven mission. Right at the beginning, CCMN promoted “churches doing missions”, then it came up a way of “church-based mission”. Now, with a clearer understanding after reflections, Pastor Ben grasped the importance of “Movement as Hub”, an upgraded concept labeled CCMN 3.0. On the one hand, “hub” is a center where God’s driven movement should be the focus, and not our own call, ministry or missions; on the other hand, “hub” which connects all parts, helps to extend from generation to generation and make progress.

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