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Baguette Country- Nejya’s story

This is a single-parent family, and mother Nejya is the backbone of the economy in the family. Two years ago, Nejya became seriously ill and could not work at all, and their family's economy was in trouble. Our team wanted to help the family financially, however we had to think about how to support them properly and tried to avoid over-reliance. Later, we found a way out. We asked them to teach us to read the bible in Arabic, in order to practice our local language. So, we could have a good reason to support them financially, and they could also know the truth from the bible.

Nejya was originally a diligent and enthusiastic person. However, after she got ill, she couldn’t even work and earn money for the family. In addition to that, three children of her kept having conflict in front of her. She felt very depressed about these situations. Praise the Lord, every time we pray with her, miracles always happen. One time after praying, she said that something like a bug had left from her painful body part.

Her three kids witnessed their mother to experience the miracles. We knew that is the grace from God. Her situation was up and down. We just sent her to hospital and discovered that the local medical system was so poor. She hollowed on the edge of death. But she could go through every time after praying. If we just rely on the doctor, it will be despaired. However, if we put our trust on our greatest doctor, the miracles will happen.

When Nejya was in hospital, we accompanied her family and guided the child how to talk to the doctor to follow through on her condition. We shepherded Nejya and prayed with her, shared the story in the bible to encourage her. So that she could have truth to get through all the obstacles. We celebrated her kids’ birthday with Nejya in order to have more family time together. The atmosphere of the ward changed from serious to joyful and full of love after we did this. Although she suffered from illness and the threat of death. She still had faith in the Lord. She prayed and trust on God. After discharged from the hospital. Her body are weakened and she can't even stand firmly. But the love of the Lord never left her, so we seize the opportunity to disciple her and let her truly understand what she believed. We thought that she may not be able to concentrate on studying. However, she was very eager to learn. She wanted to listen more every time and she remembered the key points of the last time.

During the epidemic this year, she was admitted to the hospital again. God finally relieved her pain on the ground last month. Her three children couldn't accept it at all. Of course, our whole team has mixed feelings, but we are still grateful. Father gave us the opportunity and let her had the assurance of salvation. We believe that we can meet again in Heaven!


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