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CCMN HK Mission Summit 2018_Ordinary

Churches x Ordinary People= Extraordinary Church Movement

“It was kind of revelation to me at the Summit. By comparison, We, the sending agent, have a different mode of fostering missionaries than the one promoted here. How they (CCMN) encourage brothers and sisters with God’s call taking the path of mission right away motivated me. The one-on-one discipleship and tailor-made support demonstrated their commitment to the missionaries. Simply by listening to their stories, I could tell as if I saw it myself, and what they have done becomes my role model.”

May, the Vice-president of Jubilee Ministries, who takes charge of cross-cultural mission, knew nothing about cell church, but came to explore with an open mind. For two days, it kept her busy with listening to wonderful stories about discipleship by generations, harvest time for the Middle East and the power of unity in teams. It prompted her to reflect on the sending agent’s parameters which hinders a number of people becoming missionaries. She came up a decision. “Back to my place, I will make a review on the system if it holds up God’s plan and carry discussion on joining this network.”



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