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CCMN HK Mission Summit 2018_Ordinary

Churches x Ordinary People= Extraordinary Church Movement

“Though I am the missionary-to-be and will go to Japan, my concern is not limited to Japan. The information and needs about the Middle East shared in the Summit prompted me to share with others. I felt obliged to share the news with believers or non-believers, broaden their horizons, drag them away from their own worlds, push them to care and contribute for others.”

Eddy, from Shepherd Community Church, is going to Japan as long term and does not waste any moments during these 9 years of waiting. He and his MAT team, composed of brothers and sisters with mission calls from various churches, put their visions and mission concern into practice together. At his church, he and his team care about the family and needs of their own missionaries. He understands how influential discipleship can make. He was once discipled by the spiritual mentor who is now the missionary of North Africa. He is now mentoring a discouraged cell leader and “expects the cell leader not only to have a healthy personal growth but also embrace mission and discipleship so as to carry the movement forward”.


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