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CCMN HK Mission Summit 2018_Ordinary

Churches x Ordinary People= Extraordinary Church Movement

“I just thought, in the past, you should have spent 3 or 4 years to gain a master of theology before becoming a missionary. In this case, I would not have been qualified. But I am excited after the first day of the Summit which introduced the history and characteristics of CCMN. I am deeply touched when listening to the stories about the close relationship of a mission team in the Middle East. Besides, the love between Pastor Joyce and her congregations is like Jesus and His disciples. I particularly appreciate the role model of Pastor Danny who lived with his disciples, fostering them into Jesus’ followers.”

Elsa, from St. Stephen’s Society, is engaged in business properties where it is her “mission field” to serve the elites in business sectors. She was encouraged by her spiritual parents to attend this Summit. She found the network a good platform to connect with people working in the mission fields, especially, the Middle East and Pakistan. She even bought some board games featuring Journey to Syria from the Summit as a means to tell others about the needs.


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