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Offer with a Humble Heart

Dorothy Chang, an eco-tourism scientist and researcher from Kuala Lumpur and settled in Kuching for many years, funded a Sri Lankan Christmas Kids’ project by coincidence just in the Summit.

Since there was no workshop about Nepal which preoccupied Dorothy, she sat in at the Sri Lankan meeting instead. By hearing the Sri Lankan team planning to do something after the Summit, she proactively helped them to draft a one-year plan in the meeting. Since they only have very short time to raise money or in kind for the project, God put into Dorothy’s heart to donate money instead of doing the job with them. She obeyed and generously sponsored the whole project that surprised the team right away. But she said humbly, “it is not so much for me giving, but just help out a project. I want to see the work successful. After all, CCMN talks of love, bringing the family together and youth. I have done a small part and let them do the bigger part.” 



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