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Pray for Cambodia Field

In the past few days with heavy rain, the living places and centers of the missionaries were flooded. The refrigerators and washing machines in the house were also soaked in water and the water level has reached one’s knees. While the garbage workers have not returned to work after the strikes happening before, there was a lot of garbage floating in water. The houses of the local families we care about were also flooded. This is the most severe flooding in Cambodia in the past five years.

There was also a rain on 12 Oct, causing the water level to increase further. But we were very touched by what we could see here. Because of the rain, we could not ride the motorcycles. Everyone just moved the wooden bed to the front door and chatted together. People also chatted across their window at the rooftop and even waved to the inspecting helicopter. Our neighbor, who is a young man, has also offered help to us to move the refrigerator and washing machine. Some other neighbors gave us bricks to heighten the furniture.

Although the rain causes a bit of inconvenience, we could see the kindness in our neighbour.


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