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Story from Baguette Country

Our team met a high school boy on a basketball court. Once his mother Nejya had severe eye inflammation and her family was completely at a loss. Our team leader sent her to the hospital immediately and prayed with her eldest daughter together at this critical moment. In the end, Nejya was cured and she and her daughter believed in Jesus because of this experience.

It wasn’t long before the team started. At that time, we still hadn’t learnt much on local language and culture yet. We were still on our track trying how to serve the locals. God really cheered the whole team up by giving us these two fruits.

Nejya’s family lives in a village with poor law and order problems, which is a place that even the locals were reluctant to go to that area. When we went there by taxi, the driver was puzzled and felt unbelievable that we really had to go there. Even Nejya’s family told the team, especially for the girls, not leaving their house alone, since there were many bad guys in the village. Even so, we insisted on visiting Nejya’s family every week for more than a year. We have established a deep relationship and treat each other as family.


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