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2022 CCMN International STM Movement Sending Ceremony

The Sending Ceremony is held on 17 July.

To echo with the call from mission fields and the changing tide of the pandemic, the International STM Movement did not stop at the first-attempt online mission last year, but went further to include real mission trips this year. Now 11 teams (4 going abroad and 7 online) embraced 64 members from 26 churches to mobilize the movement with love as the theme stated, Love Must Go On.

Danny, Senior Pastor from Shepherd Community Church, wrapped up in the ceremony that Jesus, as the first missionary of the world, led an extraordinary life in His time. Back to our time, we should be thrilled to learn that we may fulfill “God’s Great Commission in the end times for His own sake”. In this world, sufferings are common. We must work harder to seize the chance to love.

Chances come through suffering at times. In form of visuals, drama and voice-over amid the ceremony, the heavily militarized Myanmar, the bankrupted Sri Lanka and the war-torn Ukraine were presented. The worldly and spiritual needs behind those national, political or social instability have been magnified through the pleas from pastors. It is up to you to choose. Open your heart and love.



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