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2023 CCMN International STM Movement Sending Ceremony

CCMN International STM Movement has fully returned this year! It has invited 138 candidates (including 93 first-timers) to join onsite mission trips in this scorching July and August. The rally hall was crowded with guests, supporters and volunteers, half of whom went on STMs before.

16 teams totally loaded with a ton of essential stuff headed for 12 places respectively in Asia and the Middle East. A gripping news received from “New City” Team: it entered and settled at the war zone in June, where it has waited for 3.5 years to an open door.

On the theme “Stepping Out in Time”, we are encouraged to reach out the unreached for God while we can gain access easily after the restriction of Covid lifted. Besides, we should be more sensitive and attentive to people round us, to whom we can offer help in time. We need a platform of daily life to show love. Our worship and fellowship time is our own sending ceremony.

Kathy, engaging in the International STM movement for 24 years, summed up the good shifts the movement has been taking. This year 6 follow-up sessions are to be hosted for what happen after STM is more important than what happen during STM. The see-off and pick-up culture among supporters at the airport has taken a long time to develop. The international approach of STM mobilizes people to serve in the field while field workers may also send their own people to serve in other fields. While Coachnet pairs up pasters, the STM movement connects congregations to form One Body One Church for the Church Unity Movement.



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