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A Boon to Three

Mission is a lifestyle where STM can be a family event.

“We went together and experienced God. The joy was much bigger than the worries I had on the way. It is not a problem taking along a child indeed,” said Wing, equipped with SIS training at Ministry Training College (MTC) before and longed for an STM with her hubby, Jerff, who is taking SBD training from MTC this year. The dream was completed when her son, Ison, also joined in as well to Southern Thailand following Family Team.

A family of three went on an STM together had things to worry about, particularly over the 7-year-old son who “would be easily feeling ill or moody”. However, it was the child who brought prayers, blessings, hugs and smiles to the locals easily. Besides, the little one “was tough enough to finish his last task before falling ill at the end of the trip”!

Jerff had a better understanding over the real meaning of gospel work that “relationship is the priority; it takes someone to sow the seeds of love by living among the locals for 5 to 10 years or more”. The hosting co-worker, having two children, showed the kind of love to the locals during daily routine and visits and the long-term effect was far greater than the number of raised hands in evangelical events.

After going through all the life differences between HK and the field, Ison kept telling his parents that “I feel blessed.” Of course, the whole family feel blessed too.


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