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A Sequel in STM

Mission is a lifestyle where continuity of attention counts.

Fai Ting, the leader of Team Myanmar this year, recalled her STM memories since 2017. She was inspired by a testimony posted as a news feed at Facebook by CCMN Taiwan. It captured her heart and prompted her to join the 2017 STM to Joy City where she personally met up with the “wonder” boy who got healed by prayers, mentioned in the feed. “I was electrified, so to speak, when seeing the boy; I also received God’s call for long term mission in that trip,” exclaimed Fai Ting.

“It won’t be enough to go once for an understanding,” said she. So, the second year came and she took the role to lead a team to Joy City. By chance, she ran into the boy again and was invited visit to his house. After the trip, she joined the Mission Action Team for India and has been keeping an eye on the needs there ever since.

More contributions can be made before setting out to her missional call. She empowered her Myanmar team to walk into the Holy Spirit, from which they enjoyed the unity in the team. “Prayers are powerful. If I am asked to lead a team again, I would definitely feel nervous. But wisdom and strength will be given out by God through prayers!”



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