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A Village of Thieves

On the teaching of “Listening to the Voices of God” in the camp, Julie, the well-experienced “Spiritual Warfare” presenter, gave out a handful of tips: We all have the Holy Spirit installed. God’s voice is loud like thunder. Obedience is the only proper response to God’s guidance. How far and how fast your response to God’s move depends on your relationship with God. Julie shared a life-turning moment about a village full of thieves when she obeyed what God told her to do.

Once following STM team to a village, Julie met a man at the entrance. She got an idea “thief, he is”. An image flashed across her mind, visualizing “the man is stealing”. It was queer, but she greeted the man and talked to him. Later the man confessed he was a thief; his family, thieves; the entire village he was with, thieves! Grabbing the chance to share gospel, the STM team was able to guide the villagers to the right path – steal no more but work hard for life. Some of the villagers got employed before the team ended the trip to HK.

The take-away is straightforward: obedience in time works out the best with God’s move.



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