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Bring Love Home -Angela from Jordan team

“God opened my eyes. I want to bring love home. I don’t need going far away to see people’s need. I can bring love back home. Right there, my two sons need it,” Angela poured out her heart.

Angela felt seriously homesick for the first few days in Jordan. She prayed again and again, but couldn’t help missing her family. Being asked to take photos with refugee families by phone, she caught sight of the screen photo which her family smiled to her. She found a great comfort by such a glance. It appeared that God understood her and homesickness was normal.

During a worship time, Angela received an image from God. It was about a garden covered with long grass. A bench was under a tree. It was a sunny day with gentle breeze. This picturesque image was just the opposite of the ruined town she visited. She asked God for the meaning of the image. She was inspired that in the eyes of God Jordan looked like this. After that, she learnt to look at things from God’s perspective.

Until then, she could focus her mind to serve. In a home visit, an elderly with wounded skin came over to answer the door. Looking right into the woman’s eyes, Angela instantly felt the woman’s solitude deep inside. Angela held the woman closely in her arms for a long time. It was the first time she felt mercy and love flowing through from the bottom of her heart. The love, from Jesus indeed, was so strong that she overcame her fear of hugging strangers. It was an action of giving out Jesus’ love.

Back to Hong Kong, Angela had a reconciled relationship with her elder, estranged son. “Now I truly enjoy the time with my two sons. Love is back,” she added.


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