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What did STM participants know about when stepping out?

1) Stepping out for life growth

Little Ho Yuet has been following her parents in many STM events for her last 15 years. When she got a personal call from God this year, she made up her own mind to join Iwate Team. That makes the journey totally hers. Appointed to the role of deputy team leader, she met her challenge face to face. However shy and timid she is, she has to overcome stage fight from public talk, or facilitating group communications, etc. in a very short time. But she knows it is good for her growth experience.

2) Stepping out for extending physical limit

Uncle Cheung, aged 78, a former cancer patient, is the oldest STM participant this year. After struggling for a full recovery in 8 years, he finally got well enough to step out. He was reminded what God told him. “Don’t rush through your life without some meanings. Go to a faraway land. Share God’s Good News. Show other religious people how Great God is and how people can receive God’s grace, like you did.” He now went to serve in Southern Thailand for Muslims. With his heart burning for Christ, he can move beyond his aging and physical limit.

3) Stepping out for contribution

Sin Yan is the first-timer for STM. Last year she listened to a striking story through an online mission team that prompted her to step out this year. A local girl wanted her birthday cake made of vanilla flavor because the girl had never tasted it before. “How simple it is! But they can’t make it!” said the pâtissier heart-wrenchingly. “I just want to share with them what my hands are capable of. I want to share God’s love with them. This love is from a true God…”

4) Stepping out for readiness

This is the third time Ka Wing being a team leader. He led Team A to Southern Thailand for missions. Summer holidays are the most inconvenient time for him to start a journey. Piles of work have to be done. Besides, it takes time to take care of his teammates. But he still treasures the opportunity where he and his disciple can go for STM together. Ka Wing once asked the young guy the reasons to step out. The guy bluntly replied, “Can’t find any reasons not going.” It blew Ka Wing’s mind. Putting into his own shoes, “Can’t find any reasons not being team leader.”

5) Stepping out for a role of standing back

Emily led a team to Promised City this year. For the third time being the leader role, she found it a blessing as she could be a part in this STM movement. It was a way to fulfill her calling as well. She is indeed a doer, an active player, always standing in the frontline position. When it comes to be a leader, she learns to step back a little and lead from behind for better coordination, facilitation, observation, teambuilding and group experience. She enjoys being in a team where God is the real leader.

6) Stepping out for faith

It took a few minutes for Manny to go through the struggle of “to take or not to take”. Received a phone call from his pastor at work, Manny was invited to be a team leader for STM. Putting his phone down, his mind jumped from resignation arrangement, to New City mission trip and the call from last year Global Summit. He cleared his mind and gave it a go. Now he led a team to Philippines. “We sometimes think too much and calculate the cost too carefully. Better put our faith on God; or we won’t experience God’s peace beyond our imagination,” reflected Manny.


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