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CCMN STM Training Camp 2022

The STM teams were one camp away from their departure after 3 pre-training sessions. On 16 July, the 2-day-1-night training camp started with a tight schedule to ramp up the teams by UNITY, the key element of the morning session and the adventure game in the afternoon.

The speaker, Kathy, showed the teams how to achieve UNITY in practical ways through a reflective question, “For UNITY, how far you stretch the limit?” and personal experience from several co-workers. Once an STM team insisted the whole team either staying behind or getting onboard without leaving one behind when a member lost his document. Moreover, a leader gladly accepted corrections pointed out by an outright co-worker who was confident of being accepted.

During the Zorb ball rolling, a guy was put inside the ball instead of heavy stuff. It prompted participants to think over the capacity of UNITY. A guy reflected, “During the pairing up to form the human chain, I am left alone. I feel that being strong but alone doesn’t work out.” Another guy who went into the ball said, “I trust that I can lay my life on them and they can sustain me to complete the journey.” Indeed, good comments bring UNITY as well.


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