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Commitment to One Another --Ka Wing from S. Thailand

“Prayer is the key. It draws people to God who personally talks and gives blessings to people,” Ka Wing, the first-time leader, shared his secret of holding the team with commitment to one another.

For a whole year, Ka Wing has prepared his heart to take up the role of STM team leader. He asked God to interfere into the teamwork, protect his wellbeing and give him wisdom to lead.

When leading the team to Southern Thailand, before Ka Wing played the part of mediation, he either gathered his core team or played one-on-one to pray for teammates who were trapped into any situations. It worked well and resolved many conflicts and generational gaps because God answered their prayers soon and spoke to the individual for a shift of point of view or walking side by side with the “weak”. A team of commitment to one another was formed out of prayers.

Drawing close to the end of the journey, a teammate asked for an early leave to attend an interview set up in Hong Kong. Ka Wing was caught in a dilemma. “It was important to embrace the passion for commitment to the team while the teammate’s future lay before me.” Ka Wing asked the core team to make decision first and asked the teammate to call for a meeting welcoming the whole team for discussion. The whole team expressed their understanding, blessings and appreciation to the teammate. It touched the latter very much. The teammate went back to Hong Kong a bit earlier without regret.


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