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Cross-cultural Blessings – Gabriel of the Philippines Team

“I feel lots of joy and healing when finding my own identity and how I can be a blessing towards other nations,” amazedly said Gabriel from US.

There was a time when Gabriel got confused at the identity of being an American Chinese, embracing two cultures in language or custom, etc. By working with people from different nations during the STM, he learnt that being born to be cross-cultured can be a blessing to people groups, going between them and bringing them to be parts of the missions.

In the Philippines, one scene caught his sight. Whenever he thought about it, he would burst into tears. A little girl dropped her food on top of a poo while eating. She picked it up without feeling dirty. “I start to have a taste of why Jesus came to earth, how he felt about people when seeing them suffering… if you see your own children suffering, you'll do anything to fix that.”

Seeing that God used teenagers to be His instrument, and his teammates grew so much after the trip, Gabriel came to have a decision. “I started to have a passion to equip more youth to be part of the mission”.


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