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ONE Team Forward

Updated: Feb 12, 2019

Heading to David City, the STM team was hosted by the local team, but the two teams became inseparable. They decided to live, eat, serve and share together in a relationship of One Body One Church; even STM’s team time (a time for all team members to share with one another every night) could not set them apart. This ONE team, making up with the host and the STM team, sparked off the fire inside the locals and consolidated the follow-up work after STM, bringing a continuation to the Mission Movement.

“Before STM, I took my associate leader for a field trip and attended a meeting with the host. It proposed to have its local co-workers follow us the whole trip. Living in the same place, eating with the same meals, ministering the same group of people. Since then, our STM team was prepared to be with them together all the time,” Carol, the leader of Team David City, explained

The key contact person of that City and the member of local Smart Team, David, expressed, “Two teams united would inspire brothers and sisters in Christ to live out love and excite their hearts to serve. It would make more sense for fellow Christians when they come across the values and attitude CCMN STM team carried.” Another local Smart Team member, Ocean, pinpointed that “we fight with them at the battlefront, neither only STM team in the front nor we are at the back”.

This unique team, composed of 9 STM members and 8 devoted local members (4 from local Smart Team and 4 are brothers and sisters), was willing to be under the command of the STM leader, Carol. The team did almost everything together for 6 days, including ministering children and sharing in team time. Besides bringing encouragement to one another during the night time debriefing, the need of the mission field and the probable post-STM programs were also discussed.

The team was influential. A child, being ministered the previous year, has been taking up the role of a cell leader and enjoys worshipping. A 20-something young man has been touched by the team and loves God more. Core members have their own inspirations as well.

“Personally, I was in a complete CCMN-spirited STM in my own church without leaving for other place. After the STM team left, we could intently do the follow-up since we were there with the STM team to minister the group. No relational gap was left in-between,” said Ocean precisely for the continuity of work.

No soon had the STM team returned than the two units joined again for eating out and visit. Family camp or training to be held on either place have already been put on their upcoming agenda and will be worked out in the concept of ONE team from both places. This is the sequel of STM partnership.

In good spirit but a hoarse voice after STM, Carol replied, “It is definitely One Body. We shared the same inspiration and the same Holy Spirit was working! It was one of the ways to go on the Movement – putting the STM team with the local team together.”


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