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Eat, Drink and Chat

Mission is a lifestyle where daily routine counts.

Jon, the first-timer, went with his church leader to Cat City. They visited the local workers and lived with them.

“I thought we would have had a schedule anyhow, but no. We spent as much time as possible with our workers, going through their daily routines and hanging out with their friends,” concluded he in a few words for the 7-day experience.

What impressed Jon most was getting along well with a family of three. That family catered for the team. Every day Jon visited, chatted or shopped with the family besides picking up food when it was ready. Day by day, a close relationship was built up like friends to share around secrets.

Back to HK, the team is still circulating the book list recommended by the local workers. But Jon has taken a step further. He is applying for School of Disciple Multiplication in HKCCN Ministry Training College in hope of “standing on the truth of the Bible, keeping faith in the undulating future of Hong Kong”.


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