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Expression of Love - Licheng from ME team

Before departure to the ME, Licheng said, “I asked God to give me a deeper burden for the ME and move my heart, so that I have His love and compassion to carry it out”.

Return from the Me, Licheng said, “I have a burden for missions in the ME. I have been compelled to pray for the ME and local churches. I may either mobilize my church on missions in Taiwan or come back for STMs.”

On the land of the ME, refugee children grabbed Licheng’ heart. Assigned to teach classes, he developed a close relationship with these children. He was particularly impressed by a little boy who gave him a hug and a kiss whenever the boy saw him in classes. They got along well in classes.

While refugee children speak Arabic and understand no English, Licheng caught sight of an unsounded interaction. “They feel your love to them. When you are leaving, their natural emotions show how much they would miss you.” It is an expression of love without boundaries.


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