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Following Jesus is not about joining services, but living out the life of Christ__Pastor Tak Chun

Before the COVID-19 outbreak, Sunday services was regarded as the major focus of the church ministry for many churches, and Tak Chun stated that this should not be a norm. In response to recent situation, many churches have started to conduct online live services. Due to close and continued discipling relationships, brothers and sisters were still keen to connect with each other closely even during social distancing period, and this reaffirmed Tak Chun that discipling is the solution of churches in the authoritarian era.

Tak Chun predicted that even if the epidemic is over, the society may not revert to the original, so the church must change. He suggested that churches should take this opportunity to start using various network tools together with what we were already doing and make good use of convenience provided by the network, in order to help building relationship and make next generation disciple.



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