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Grabbing the Chance for Healing - Bangladesh Team(Jeshurun/Rachael/Rose)

“It reinforced my faith. God's healing can take place to ordinary people. It is by God's power not our own power,” firmly said Jeshurun whose team experienced miracles and signs in Bangladesh.

Coming from a mission-minded family from Malaysia, Jeshurun saved up time and money for this first STM with his wife, Rachael while his parents set off to David City at the same time. His father, Pastor Malcolm, has been a mission mobilizer for years in the church. No wonder there is a saying, like father like son.

Jeshurun followed his team to a village where he prayed with great faith for two sick people, one with a stroke and another with back and arm pain. They got healed completely and joyfulness instantly came up on their faces.

Going into a faraway village where there was no hospital, Rachael had a soft spot on a fevering child whose granny was handicapped. She and her team didn’t stop praying for this little one for an hour until the fever was gone in the end. “I was really touched by God’s miraculous healing to the child and the family,” said Rachael compassionately.

What this Malaysian group did was even greater. Jeshurun recalled, “Our teammate, Pastor Rose from Malaysia as well, had a feeling on the last day of the trip. He wanted us to pray for the healing and revival of the land in Bangladesh out of poverty.” This was how prayers took them wonder by wonder.


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