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Hand out for God - Jessica from Jordan team

Before heading to Jordan, Jessica made up her mind to “carry God’s love and humble herself”.

During the trip, she kept praying for God’s healing over one of her teammates with her team because the teammate’s voice was broken. The recovery of the teammate plunged her into a deep thought. She realized it was God who did it, not her. She was God’s instrument only and her pride vanished in a second.

Jessica drew a picture to a girl before she left Jordan. It was a heart with an English tag “Jesus Loves You”. It didn’t look good at all, but the girl happily received it and brought back home. To Jessica, it was like giving out love. While she held close to the shoulders of the girl and walked along, many children looked at them and yearned for such a hug. Jessica gave them chance and they held Jessica tightly. It was her most memorable scene.


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