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If I could write a song about this…

“Renew Your Heart…Restart from Here…My Only Boast…The Love from God…”

The STM theme song, Love Must Go On, was basically “produced” on a bus journey.

The STM handout gives out a brief to participants. But the same brief inspired a lady to write a song. Neither can she play the guitar, nor write music notes. She simply had an idea in mind, “If could write a song about this”.

She started her first 2 lines by picking up the wordings in the handout. Another 2 lines followed, featuring the core value she has installed. Line by line she wrote until the whole song was completed. Definitely, the songwriter, whose lyrics come before the tunes, managed to record the tunes dropped by nowhere before she forgot all about them. This is how she caught the muse on the bus and kept it alive off the bus. Anyway, the song becomes music to ears.

Just one day, the song was done. Just one week, the song flowed with fine-tuned keys and polished chords. Thanks to the composer’s hubby, a musician in a worship team. The new demo was able to raise the co-workers’ interest and presented as this year theme song.

Blushed at her acclaimed work with a doubtful heart, the new songwriter is glowing with confidence and a grateful heart when the crowd sing it openly on several occasions. Each time it brings her more encouragement than the last. Each time she feels God makes imperfection perfect.

Who is she? Carmen, the “non-musician”, is a member from Smart Team.


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