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Jesus’ Strategy -Pastor Ruth of Bangladesh Team

“Even a 50-year-old church was inspired to bring up next generation and be committed to discipleship,” said Pastor Ruth delightedly.

Leading a group of young teammates, the first-time Bangladesh team leader decided to let the youth take up major roles during the trip. Invited by an old church, they were holding a 3-hour long prayer meeting. Believing in her passionate youngsters, Pastor Ruth gave them a free vein. “What they shared in testimonies or the lessons they learnt throughout the 14 days were biblical,” she acclaimed.

Most importantly, their team showed pastors a concept that “it was not their own duties, but everyone’s to outreach, preach and make disciples while finding fellow workers for the harvest.” Ruth explained that it was a mission strategy used by their host, whom was inspired by Luke 10 in the Bible. Since it was Jesus’ method, it brought fruitful results as it was promised.

“Being a pastor with 27 years of experience, the strategy helps me to consolidate all my biblical knowledge with practical implementation.” Ruth said with gratefulness.



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