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Keep Blessing the Same Place - Wing from Myanmar

“Two years ago, those orphans were still children; now, they are teenagers who are leading worships and holding meetings. The growth moved me deeply,” said Wing who have been to Myanmar for 7 times and leading teams for 5 times.

Wing made up her mind to keep going back to Myanmar since her first-time STM. In Myanmar, there was no CCMN missionary to facilitate the intercommunication between the host and the teams, so it is helpful for someone who has been there to take up the role of team leader. Besides, it is her call to do orphan ministry. As the host pastor has initiated a platform to connect all minor churches, orphanages and village ministries, it is easy for STM teams to partner with them. Moreover, Wing firmly believes that the concept of STM is different from the consumerism behind any travel adventures. It should bring blessings and assistance, rather than hurt to the locals.

“Every time when simple-minded villagers ardently invited STM teams to visit again, some teammates nodded out of courtesy. When villagers were expecting the same team to come again, another new team came. Villagers were somehow disappointed,” Wing explained. She did not quite know the situation until local leaders felt safe to tell her. After all she had been there for many times and local people found her trustworthy. Since then, she learnt the wisdom to handle it.

Wing remembered the host pastor connected with 20 units for the first year; up to now 42 units under his network. “I could witness the change and the development since I have kept coming back. Once a village ministry was started by a STM team. Villagers could have Sunday service every week after that. But before it, local leaders did not know how villagers would react to the setup and dared not doing it.”

This well-experienced leader challenged her teammates to form DIYs and keep going back like her. Some teammates are going to the April DIY trip to Myanmar next year and help minister children who will be enjoying the local summer holidays.


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