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Kuching in One Heart

This year is the first year that CCMN has a Kuching team. The starter is Kary, who has gone to Kuching for twice, treats Kuching as a hometown and is the short-term mission (STM) leader this year. “Going again and again is because of love, and I felt my heart is touched. It is just like my hometown. Visiting them is just like visiting families. I enjoy this kinship.”

Starts from the Connection of Relationship

Kary led the STM last two years. She met the teammates from Kuching in the team of Nepal and Cambodia respectively. She also had DIY STM last year and this year. They went to Kuching and continued this relationship. Through visiting, she discovered a village which has lots of needs, so she shared to everyone when she was back. Her sharing made the people wanted to try and see God’s work, and also blessed and expanded the network of Kuching.

The subleader Fai, and the two small group leaders Bobo and Tiffany, three of them also have connection with Kary. One is working with her in serving, one is church friend and one is colleague and STM fighter. They are all interested in Kuching because of Kary’s sharing. Coincidentally, they also met the brothers and sisters from Kuching in their STMs, just like Kary. Four of them have the same heart and want to continue this relationship. This year, they gather together in Kuching team and lead the team together.

The Episode of Division of Work

Kary played the leading role this year and led the international team with eight boys and twelve girls. Teammates are from four places including India, Sri Lanka, Shenzhen and Hong Kong. It is quite challenging. At first, she chose Bobo, who went to Kuching before together, as the subleader, but considered the culture of India and Sri Lanka and the needs of the male teammates, she chose mature Fai as the subleader. Bobo appreciated Kary’s commitment from the beginning and gave her chances to grow. Even she changed her role at last and became the small group leader, she did not mind. She said humbly, “Wherever Kary asks me to serve in, it’s also a type of learning.” Also, “This time I will pay more attention to the international teammates and translate for them. Won’t give up in the process and fight till the end.”

Another small group leader Tiffany has also been a subleader of Cambodia’s team and worked with Kary. This time she became a small group leader again. She said, “In each training, it is like reminding me again and readjust my mind. I hope I can shepherd my team and experience God with the team. Break through together.” She felt confident in the main and vice leader, “When we met from the beginning, I saw a fire. It was so united.”

Introverted Fai knew Kary will propose “Secret Angel” to connect the small teams to be an united big team. He was so excited, “I can imagine the effect. It will be easier to create an atmosphere of sharing and let the teammates care about the others actively.” He said deeply, “Serving outside is not a work for a person. We need to take care the others intentionally, support one another and be together.”



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