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Life-impacting Relationship

Mission is a lifestyle where prolonged relationship counts.

Wing (First from the left on the top), a member of Team Philippines in 2018, made friends with Edwin, the local missionary, and has been under the mentorship of Pian, her team leader, since then. This year, she held her promise and took a team to the Philippines. Back from the trip, she will probably go to Malaysia with other teammates to visit her Kuching members. “8-day STM can indeed deepen our relationship and prolong it,” Wing added.

“I learnt a thing from God. If I am bold enough to take a step forward, He is with me,” said Wing who was inspired to perform a feet-washing service to the local. She then had her teammates do the same with one another before departure. By God’s grace, a teammate’s negative feeling over a past event was released and a relationship was mended in time for the enjoyment in the upcoming journey.

Due to the accepting and encouraging atmosphere the team created, an experienced church leader was bold enough to tell a life-changing story that touched many hearts and glorified God.



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