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Light Mission Heart – Pastor Christo of Kuching Team

“As a pastor working for a long time for the ministry, taking a break and coming here, my spirit has been really renewed,” the Sri Lankan pastor went straight to the point.

Pastor Christo was in CCMN Global Summit last year that brought him to Kuching. He had a dream at heart to go back to meet up with the villagers there. This year, his dream came true. “I’ve got the first-hand information on the ground. There are a lot of things to share with my pastors and Sri Lankan people back home.”

His team paid a short visit to villagers. Each house gathered 15 to 25 people. When his team moved to another house, people of the previous house followed them. He found the villagers caring, lovely and hospitable. “It's like Jesus' time. The crowd followed Jesus. I was so heart-broken for their hunger and thirst for the Word. I didn’t have enough time to be with them.”

Coming from a nation with lots of persecutions, Pastor Christo has gone through so many things more than the tight pre-STM training or STM schedule. Thus, he could take a light heart to go through everything in the STM. “For me, it is just a training,” concluded he in a casual voice.


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