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Middle East Team- Wheel of Opportunity

In the Mission Fair, each STM teams prepared various activities to let others to feel their experience in STM. For the Middle East team, it chose "wheel of opportunity" to share the stories in God's kingdom.

The leader of Middle East team Pian mentioned, “Through this Mission Fair, other than earning more resources for the mission fields and missionaries, we want to find more opportunities to share proactively, but not waiting for others to ask questions.” She then thought of an idea of telling stories. The Middle East team prepared a game, which is the "wheel of opportunity”. They were using it to gain more chances to share with different people, and in the wheel, one of the options is “listen to my story”. Besides, Pian thinks stories give us an idea of continuation. It inspires people to think: what kind of the story it is? And different people have different story telling ways and what they experienced in STM is different too. Through this method, can create more opportunities to share God’s stories!


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