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Mission Plug-ins

“Surprise and surprise!” Carmen, Pastor of Blessed Christian Church, felt astonished at what she listened in a post-STM gathering with some online-mission warriors.

As far as Carmen could imagine, the virtual mission hardware were two computers, one from HK; another, from abroad. In fact, the input and output carried the same weight on life transformation, something more rewarding than Carmen had expected, like God’s golden touch. The online program, highlighting interactions with missionaries abroad, was conjoined with the local homestay and dual-place outreach activities.

Three SBD part-timers from Carmen’s church went for three online options. Each story retold by Carmen showcased the awakening, life-growth and commitment of missions: -

Wing, a young believer, found Edwin’s own struggle of being a “cloudy eyed” and depressed missionary in his early stage in Mindanao amazing and touching. Never has he known that Edwin is willing to die in Mindanao despite hardships and turmoil. Wing decides to fly to Mindanao just to give Edwin a hug for appreciation and encouragement.

Amy, a long-time believer, was deeply shaken by the very faith of an Indonesian missionary whose sickly parents were once stumbling blocks on the path of her mission journey. The missionary put God’s calling first and God restored her parents in miracles. Amy learns her lesson and tries to adjust her life priority to deepen her own faith in God.

Ping, Wing’s mom, is a Thai who joined the Middle East team online. Her missional heart has been emerging in SBD program, but it has grown bigger after her breakthrough in the condensed living space with her team. Ping overcame her timidity and got along well with her teammates, unlike her reserved manners before the STM training camp. Now she is willing to take over the reins to share Jesus with her own people than being a Thai translator in her homeland.

“In God nothing is impossible! Online mission is not about agenda and schedule, but about God’s servants, whose hard-earned stories are worth our listening and attention.” Carmen rounded it up.



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